This is an invitation to know yourself

deeper than ever before

The Collective #3: Jan - April 2023

Does this sound like you?


you can't seem to shake off feeling like an imposter at work and in your life


you have tried so many things but you still keep hitting a wall


you are ready to stop chasing the next self-help or positivity trend


you feel like you're constantly burning the candle at both ends - and maybe even finding extra wicks to burn


you have a hard time envisioning what your future could look like or what you want it to look like


you feel like you're constantly sacrificing your values or moral compass to fit in or be “normal”

Do you feel the same way?

The bottom line is that if you're a Black person, Indigenous, a person of color, or part of the LGBTQ+ community there are structures in your life that have created obstacles in your path. Sometimes that looks like a gatekeeper in your industry of specialty and sometimes that looks a lot more harmful like police violence in your community. These things create the perfect environment for imposter syndrome to settle into your psyche. That's because imposter syndrome is a result of living in a world that is not optimized for your success

When I began to reframe my thinking about imposter syndrome I began to get clarity about who I was and what I valued. My confidence shot up and my imposter syndrome went from a loud roar to a whisper. That was almost ten years ago and since then I've helped my clients do the exact same thing. And now, I'm opening doors to The Collective group coaching program to help you accelerate this process in a way that 1-on-1 coaching cannot. Here's why the cohort model is better for dealing with imposter syndrome: structural problems mean that groups of people are functioning in such a way to uphold those structures. And when it comes to the structural problems that create imposter syndrome, it's going to take a group of people to help you imagine what the world could look like for you if imposter syndrome were no longer an issue. 

enrollment closes november 28

“Knowing that I had a set time and space to focus on myself was my favorite part of The Collective. It gave me the energy I needed to be able to name and talk about things that I'd been too afraid to say out loud before.”



 Who do you want to be: creating the best you

You'll be guided through journaling prompts and heart trust exercises that will help you get back in touch with the inner wisdom you carry but have had to shut off so you can fit in or be “normal”


Who are you now: bridging the gap

you'll work on defining ways to bridge the gap between who you are now and who you want to be with the support of the cohort behind you every step of the way


Who have you been: Imposter Syndrome

Discover some of the ways that imposter syndrome has shown up for you – including some of the ways that you've unintentionally put on the cloak of imposter syndrome yourself

Here's what you can expect


Kickoff session for on-boarding and to discuss your intentions for the program - this will help you stay on track


Nine total group session curated to be a judgement free, supportive container to unleash your inner wisdom


Three 1-on-1 sessions throughout so you get a high-touch experience without any additional cost to you


Heart trust exercises designed to help you build momentum as you implement all the epiphanies you'll have


A new template for how to fully embody who you are without guilt, shame, or the pressure of imposter syndrome


Wrap up session to come full circle from your initial intentions and review how far you've come!


Follow up group call 4-6 weeks after we wrap to check in, see how your heart is doing, and provide accountability


use code “halfnow” to access the payment plan



I spent years fighting imposter syndrome. It didn't matter what space I was in--personal or professional--imposter syndrome bled into area of my life and stagnated my potential. Year after year, despite all the positivity and manifestation I tried, I continued to struggle with my imposter syndrome. And I tried a lot of things! Self-help books, meditation and prayer, journaling, religion, positive thinking...the list goes on and on.

​It wasn't until I considered that maybe I wasn't the problem that things began to shift for me. You see, the issue with most of the tools out there that promise the kind of transformation I was looking for had me focusing on my individual efforts to combat my self-doubt and insecurities. And that helped...for a little while anyway. But that approach doesn't get to the real heart of the matter: we live in a world that is not set up to see us reach our full potential. 

That's why I created The Collective--a unique group coaching program designed to help you embody the truest version of who you are while also helping you vision cast for a world where imposter syndrome no longer exists.

After this

Gain a new energy for life

You'll gain the clarity you've been missing about your values and have an experience curated to bring you true rest and care

learn to prioritize your needs

You'll practice setting healthy and sustainable boundaries so you can stop putting your needs on the backburner

Free yourself from External limits

You'll learn skills and get access to tools that you can pull from when you need to hit pause and re-evaluate your circumstances

That feeling of wanting more out of your life? that's your inner wisdom calling.

and you're not alone.


be a part of a cohort that is ready to transform the way we do life

less burnout, more rest

less toxic positivity, more radical joy

less productivity, more pleasure

less fear of failure, more embracing the journey

It takes a lot to wake up in a world that is trying to keep you asleep

adrienne maree brown



Our kickoff session will happen on January 26, 2023 and our first official session will be on February 2, 2023. The program will wrap up on April 20, 2023. We will be following a 3 weeks on, 1 week off structure. We'll meet 1-on-1 during the off weeks. 


The sessions will begin with a journaling prompt to ease you into the experience before we review homework. After that, we'll move into heart trust exercises to wrap up. Each group session is 90-minutes long and each 1-on-1 session is 60-minutes long.


Most of the heavy work will be done during our sessions together to make this experience one of ease for you. However, there will be minor homework prompts that will require about 1-2 independent hours of your time. The total time commitment for participating is approximately 4-5 hours per week. 


Click on any of the buttons on this page to save your spot! You'll need to be ready to make a payment. Once you've done that, you'll hear from me within 5 business days with a coaching agreement, intake form, and next steps. If you encounter any issues, feel free to email me at:



Yes. Payment plans are available but please note that they carry an additional processing fee of $150 and require a 50% up front payment. The remaining 50% will be due by February 28, 2023. To save your seat with a payment plan, use code HALFNOW at checkout.

Additionally, my goal has always been to serve Black/Brown communities as well as folks in the LGBTQ+ community. If you're certain that this program is exactly what you need but are unable to make these payment terms, please reach out to me! We can discuss some additional options based on your unique circumstances. You can email me at:


Unfortunately not. Coaching is a serious commitment and I put a lot of intentionality to make sure you know exactly what to expect. Furthermore, coaching is a mutual relationship that requires serious effort by you, the client, to experience the level of impact that most people walk away with.


If you: identify as someone from the LGBTQ+ community and/or are Black, Indigenous, or a person of color, can make the time commitment, aren't offended by words like “fuck” or “shit," are a fan of radical candor, have a generous heart, and are looking for some like-minded folks to build a better world with, you're in the right place!